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About stonegod

Welcome to stonegod, a personal web experiment. It shares some characteristics with so called "vanity pages", however stonegod differs in its attempts to present thought provoking ideas, information for roleplayers in associated games, (hopefully) useful code and applications, and a parody of what every vanity site should be. There may be pictures of cats, but they will be presented in a different light that most.

About the name

The name Stone God comes from the author's high school senior class project, and is referenced in that year's yearbook:

The Stone God sits, gazing upon the infinite universe...

In the story of the Stone God, a character attempts to escape a past of horrors, only to discover---too late---that they were personally responsible for setting their course in motion. It was supposed to sound profound; perhaps it worked.

In college, the author witnessed first hand the explosion and commercialization of the Internet and World Wide Web. In response, a series of short pieces entitled Ramblings of the Stone God appeared which discussed the rapid changes. The metaphor became a pseudonym.

Now, the name has been reconstructed again. It is a rather dubious title for a collection of loosely related information. But it sounds cool.

About the symbols

Symbols are very important to the human condition. By definition, they represent something more than themselves. They encapsulate different ideas in different contexts without changing. Symbols are part of the properties of the Tarot: each card can be interpreted differently, as the displayed icons have no set meaning. Symbols play upon each other as well, gaining power from their neighbors.

The symbols on this web site are related to the setting of the original Stone God. Created by the Ancients of that world, they signify the great forces of the universe: law, evil, fire, war and magic are all examples. The construction on the first page gathers all the symbols in a gateway; supposedly, someone who found this configuration would have power over creation.

They are mysterious and easy to draw, too.

Site Troubles

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Legal stuff

All material on stonegod is original content copyright by its author unless otherwise specified. It cannot be redistributed without permission. End-tag quotes are the exception; they come from everywhere.

It was our last, best hope for peace.
It failed.

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