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Creations of the Stonegod

Roleplaying is a strange artform. More spontaneous than a play, but as complex as filling out tax forms. Whole cosms live and die in the imagination.

Creations in Planning

In the shadows of a forlorn mining town, horror squirms.

Past Creations

A Mage: The Ascension™ chronicle set in the modern day. Strange forces are set in motion by seemingly innocent actions. This was a net game hosted here; it has now ended.
Eternity was the author's main Mage: The Ascension™ setting; a place where mirrors have strange powers, high school children awaken to the strangeness around them, and cats are Umbral Lords.
An Interactive Literature/Live Action Roleplaying Game, Apotheosis was sent in a Realm on the brink of collapse. Its main question: If you could remake reality, would you?
A fantasy setting, and the source of the Stonegod mythology. Magus was a place where the very forces and concepts of the universe had power and form.

Past Incarnations

Journey of a Thousand Steps
The tale of a dwarven monk from a lost group of dwarves who searches for the key to his order's salvation and finds Chaos awakening.

Tapestries to Work From

The creators of the Storyteller system and a collection of the author's favorite games (mostly Mage 2nd Edition), White Wolf's games focus more upon setting, mood and story than most of their predecessors.
The new version of the classic which started it all, much improved though still carrying around some old baggage. Noted for its support of open gaming and some interesting variants.
Two universal free RPGs, The Window and Fudge strives to remove the limitations put upon by convential RPGs and allow the game to get to its roots—storytelling.

Yes, I do play dice with the universe.


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