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Three Pillars: Second Chance



Three Pillars: Second Chance is set in a darker reflection of the modern world. Those who have played in the Storyteller's games before will recognize it, and many of their past characters are present somewhere. Not that they will interact with the players in this game; after all, it is a big world out there.

Events in the "Real World" effect the game world as well. It is an election year in the United State in both locations, but the candidates are probably even worse in the game setting (if that is possible...). Like other World of Darkness settings, it is a world populated by underground supernatural societies. There are a few key differences from the "canonical" World Of Darkness, circa 2000:

How does this change things for players? Very little. Only the last may effect one of the players, and that will dealt with soon enough in game.


For a summary of the events of the game, please see the summary page.

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