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Three Pillars: Second Chance


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Main Characters

Runs-with-Spirits (Jamey Minnis)


Runs is an experienced Uktena Lupus Theurge. Many are the tales that speak of his great destiny. Loud are the whispers of the darkness that haunts his past and walks within his skin.

Damon Rothchild (Justin Robinson-Prickett)

Damon Rothchild

Born to the wealthy Rothchild line, Damon bears a hole in his soul that he attempts to feed by mastering the patterns he perceives in everything. A mark of destiny awaits this speaker with the dead. Damon, Ivy and Cassandra share a mysterious connection, its full extent unknown to them.

Ivy MacGregor (Penny Gronbeck)

Ivy MacGregor

Ivy lives in a world of super powers, pencils and inks. Her prodigious arts in manipulating her body share those qualities. Her closeness keeps the blackness within Damon at bay.

Dina O'Shire (Teddy Byrd)

Dina O'Shire

A questioning Catholic. A novice druid. A terrorist with the blood of innocents on her hands. Dina is many things except sure of herself.

Sara Brin (Matt Hammer)

Sara Brin

A master of languages ancient, written and spoken, Sara believes the barriers of language constrain reality. By manipulating the word, she seeks to better understand the secrets she seeks.

Supporting Cast

Eagle Lake

Logan (Teddy Byrd)

Logan is an Wendigo of indeterminable age and a gusto for combat. Likes all things Canadian.

Demeter (Penny Gronbeck)

Demeter is a visiting Black Fury to the Eagle Lake sept. Her mother wonders what is wrong with her preferred choice of mates.

Smiles-at-Hounds (Matt Hammer)

Smiles is another Uktena member in sept. A young wolf, he prefers silent contemplation to action.

George Armstrong Riel (Justin Robinson-Prickett)

George is Uktena kin-folk, and resident of Eagle Lake. He dreams of opening a casino with his dog where he can play Johnny Cash all night long.

Portland, Maine

Roger Rothchild (Jamey Minnis)

Damon's uncle and financier, Roger seems a bit more laid back than Damon's father. Sent by said father to keep an eye on the boy.

Coleman (Teddy Byrd)

Damon's personal butler, sent by his father to take care of "all the things a man needs taken care of".

The Abbey, France

The Mother Superior (Penny Gronbeck)

The Mother Superior was the model of sternness. She oversaw the operations of the abbey, and was barely tolerant of the ongoing dig. Killed during the excavation.

The French Guide (Jamey Minnis)

One of Ms. Brin's hired help, the French Guide helped "arrange" things for Sara. He was also known for helping others for the right price. Current location unknown.

The Turnip Farmer (Justin Robinson-Prickett)

The belligerent owner of the turnip field now burred underneath the archaeological expedition. Vacated his house just before the excavation on a tip from Mr. Szyminski, but returned for a bumper turnip crop later that year.

Daniel Cohen, Fortean Times Reporter (Justin Robinson-Prickett)

This reporter has been known to badger the workers of the dig for the "real" secrets hidden underneath. Somewhere, a story is lurking. Seen wandering before the excavation, current status unknown.

Other Notables

Eagle Lake

Julia Torrence, The Clerk at Blockbuster

A 20ish female employee at Blockbuster in Eagle Lake, she was not helpful in finding out who rented the movie on the receipt found in the factory. She was kidnaped by the unknown gunmen who forced her to take them to the place where the boys stole the tainting ritual. Left by Runs as a broken mess of psychoses. She was sent to an asylum, but the transport exploded in transit.

Xanadu "Cindy" Macname, The Clerk's Friend

A woman in her older twenties who was friends with Julia and Tom's girlfriend. Apparently killed in the confrontation with the gunmen by Tom's "special defense."

Gary Todd, The Shooter

A young, muscular man in his early twenties with a penchant for shooting first and asking questions later. Since he both knew where the taint ritual was performed and seemed to exhibit unnatural healing abilities, Runs suspected him of knowing something. According to Julie, he assisted Tom in killing an old man for the ritual. Killed by the pack when he discovered them in the factory.

The Strange Gunmen

First spotted driving into town, this reasonably dressed pair was seen kidnaping Julie from a local bar after some gunfire. One was killed, the other escaped with the girl after using some sort of vial of darkness. According to Julie, the remaining gunman examined the source of the ritual and then left.

Tom Akland, The Tentacled Thing

Appeared during the bar brawl and tried to kill Runs. Smelled very strongly of taint and spewed acid whenever hit. Eventually, left no traces when it perished. According to Julie, Tom lead the gang into depraved acts with the ritual.

Ezra Goldstein

Dead man Ezra, supposedly killed by Tom and Gary out on a joyride. The old man appears to have been strongly into the occult and to have enjoyed disturbing tastes.

The Sept Elders

The new sept elders are made up of an Ahroun, Theurge, Philodox and a Ragabash. They unanimously banished Runs in order to protect themselves, though some had stronger feelings about it than others.

Portland, Maine


A ghost with a dark past, Sebastian is tied strongly to Damon. His darkest secret is Damon's worst nightmare; a nightmare that tried to kill Damon when the boy tried to re-close the gateway between worlds.


A smart-alec, talking crow that brings trouble wherever he roams, Sam is a constant companion of Ivy's. He seems to distrust Damon and his contacts.

Cassandra Wys

A quiet, angelic girl that shares the same connection with Damon and Ivy. Her vision brought the two youths to Portland. She could not be found, but mysteriously appeared to Ivy, warning of a prophesy.

Jerry Garibaldi

One of the links between the addresses found mysteriously at the quester's doorstep. Mr. Garibaldi was not alive---a dark demon walks in his flesh. Garibaldi an executive with Technogenesis Enterprises. He was destroyed by the duo when he tried to kill them first.

Francis Routterage

At a certain apartment 406 in a certain part of Portland, the spirit world once pulsed with life. In the apartment lived Miss Francis Routterage. A speaker with spirits, but tainted by some unknown entity. A fire claimed her apartment complex; she was not found alive.

Terrance Terwilliger

The other name tied to the mysterious list. Very little is known about him except that he was a member of the board at Portland Health. Died of a heart attack after the failed summoning in the factory.


Earl is among the dead at the Portland morgue Damon and Ivy visited. He does not seem to like dealing with the living, is grateful for Damon's assistance in stopping Technogenesis.

Routterage's Pet

A dark creature of incredible power, Routterage's Pet fought of Damon until it was overpowered or inconvienced. She was also seen overseeing Technogenesis' "experiment" with Jerry Garibaldi. Current location is unknown.


A ghost of a machine, woken by Damon, and freed by the Matriarch of Portland. It now serves as a liaison between them.

The Matriarch

The Queen Pattern Spider, she holds unenumerable power in the spiritual shadow of Portland. If claims are correct, she controls everything in the city. An alien entity and strange benefactor.

Matthew, The Stormcrow

Advisor of sorts to Damon, this creature of Thunder helps when it sees fit and only what it deems appropriate. It is not comfortable in the Matriarch's domain. Named by Damon because of "fondness" for the bird.

The Abbey, France

Sara's American Companion

A long time assistant in Sara's travels, her American companion assisted Sara in the day-to-day arrangements of the expedition. Apparently killed by the creatures that stole the book.

The Contact

Dina's contact from a cell in Northern France. Concerned with the "going-ons" in Southern France.

Dr. Ronald Kittemer

Professor of Archaeology at Yale University and co-leader of the expedition. Runs a tight operation. Killed during the excavation.

George Handlmann

Graduate student of Kittermer's who helped Dina in a time of need. Knowledgeable about architecture. George survived the madness at the dig site somehow and is currently assisting Sara. His grip on sanity is precarious.

The Thieves

They came, they did something unknown, they left Dina with the suspicion.

Mr. Szyminski

Told a strange story about the history of the abbey to Sara; it is unclear whether she believes him or not. The old man appears to know some Old Church Slavonic from his librarian work. Fled before excavation, claiming that "trapped gases" might cause trouble. He contacted Sara once more, warning about a stirring evil, but left before she could determine more.


One of Kittemer's students. Interested in artifacts. Current location unknown; assumed killed during the excavation.


Another of Kittemer's students; seemed ambivalent to the dig and his purpose there. However, there are other things he was interested in. Killed during the excavation.

The Girl

William's interest at the dig. An attractive woman from town that Dina suspected of something. She survived the excavation by bearing the heart of the corpse. Dina killed her upon entering the crypt. She is not being post-humously framed for both the excavation disaster and Dina's action at the oil-rig.

The Deformed Man and Black-Haired Woman

The deformed man is one of those responsible for the slaughter in the French jail. There is madness in its bloated, pale body. He was accompanied by a black-haired woman: a serious danger according to Mr. Szyminski. They have possession of the twisted corpse's book.

The Vatican

Father Antionio

A Dominican who assisted Sara on her search for information about the twisted monk.


Someone that knew Sara's name, but collapsed at her feet, wounded, as Sara tried to leave Rome. She warned Sara of enemies and died mysteriously at the hospital.


Gunther Kreylos

A clerk at the church in a village outside of Frankfurt. He is assisting in Sara's research.

London, England

William O'Bradey and Amy McMaron

Lawyers from Tolley and McFarin, William and Amy now represent Dina in her English terrorism trial. They have suggested a means to get her out free. A devious pair.

The Past

Mateusz, The Twisted Corpse

The deformed body supposedly belonged to Mateusz, a monk from the Polish village of Nitkowo. His journal claims that he witnessed terrible events and left in order to protect his secrets. Those secrets have been stolen.

Lech, The One Armed Corpse

The remains in the excavated vault, this Lech is supposed to have special importance.


While visiting Ezra's mansion, Runs experienced a vision as another Garou. It was fighting a losing battle against corruption and madness in a remote Polish wilderness.


A name from a dream that Sara discovered in her research at the Vatican. A priest sent by the Vatican to Nitkowo to replace their vacant priest. Sara suspects there was more to that mission than meets the eye.


Another name from Sara's dream, somehow tied to these events.

The Dark Woman

A striking and fear-inspiring woman that approached Runs in the dream-past, offering and alliance. She reeked of corruption, but sought to fight it. A interesting paradox.

Nicholaus' Companion

According to Sara's records, Nicholaus was accompanied by a witch hunter hired by the Church. An odd bedfellow for such company. His presence suggests that the expedition was suspicious.

The Leader of the Lithuanian Cult

Another woman figure tied to the Twister, this one reponsible for a cult of evil worshipers who supposedly caused a plauge. What is her relationship to all the other woman tied to the Twister? Are the all the same?

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