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Three Pillars: Second Chance


| 6/22/2000 | 6/29/00-12/8/00 | 1/11/2001 | 1/18/2001 | 1/25/2001 | 2/1/2001 | 2/8/2001 | 2/22/2001 |

Prelude: Rumblings

Tainted Dreams (6/22/2000)

The Enemy Within

Location: Near Eagle Lake, ME. Runs-with-Spirits, a Uktena Theurge of questionable past, is given a vision prophesying his fall to the forces of corruption. After awakening, he is given a quest by his sept elder to find the source of a mysterious taint draining the life from the surrounding area. Communing with the spirits, he is given guidance, but warned that enemies greater than corruption exist.

Darkness and Light

Location: San Francisco Bay Area, CA. Damon Rothchild, a darkling youth from a family of riches, and Ivy MacGregor, a young woman with a spark of life, share a mysterious connection. On this morning, the gates of the dead spew forth, signaling unrest at the core of the universe. A message from an old friend warns of a twisting madness that draws them far away from home.

The Tainted Past

Location: Various in Western Europe. A brash druidic terrorist named Dina O'Shire and a questioning linguistic named Sara Brin have dreams of terror and madness. Both seek the truth behind an ancient text and twisted but reverently twisted corpse found in remote Southern France. Conflict with missed contacts and belligerent turnip farmers frame a greater struggle against the occult.

Chapter: Discoveries

Summary of Events (6/29/2000-12/8/2000)

The Enemy Within

Runs-with-Spirit and a pack of young pups uncover the source of the taint twisting the sept: a group of young people messing with powers beyond their understanding. The source of their power: a dark ritual from a dead occultist. After ending the threat, they return to find the sept violated by that which they have defeated. In search of a scapegoat, the new sept elders exile Runs, charging him to find and destroy this madness that almost destroyed them.

Darkness and Light

Drawn to Portland, Maine, by a vision of a close friend, Damon and Ivy find themselves in a place where the Dead walk, rednecks posses great Spirit, and old women are molested by young ne'er do-gooders. A conspiracy to unleash the legions of the Dead into the world of the living is uncovered and destroyed by the dynamic duo. But darkness of different forms mark both survivors: a spiritual cancer left by the battle on Ivy, and the insidious snake of hubris in Damon's heart.

The Tainted Past

Dina, unsure of herself after her previous activities, and Sara, obsessed with the knowledge she has discovered, play different roles in an escalating race to decode the secrets of what is buried underneath the French monastery. A strange Polish librarian, an enticing French temptress, and a one-armed corpse all play important roles in the madness and death that is unleashed in the pursuit of the truth. Sara is left with questions and tantalizing few leads while Dina is held for her crimes against humanity.

Chapter: A Dawning Awareness

Loose Ends (1/11/2001)

Several months have passed. Sara has nursed George's mental health while trying to research leads to lead to Nitkowo, Szyminski, or any of the other clues she possesses. Determined, she flew to the Vatican to search church records. She discovers a few leads, and the trail continues.

Meanwhile in Portland, Damon has been dealing with several spirits, driving his spiritual conquest even further. Ivy, on the other hand, has become increasingly distracted the the taint within her. After a hard struggle, Damon manages to remove the stain, but it leaves Ivy scarred.

Dina is scarred by different forces: her own self-doubt and the physical punishment of the guards in her prison. She tries to explain to a child why she had to kill a thousand innocents, but how much is a single life worth?

Unexpected Encounters (1/18/2001)

Runs-with-Spirits, after a long communion with the spirits, is warned of a familiar danger to the south. At the same time, Damon is is informed of something strange in the north. Both discover the desecration of a sacred site, twisted by magics familiar in different ways to both Runs and Damon. A tense alliance is formed of differing equality.

Recovering from her ordeal, Ivy stumbles upon Cassandra who seems to be waiting for her. Ivy learns of a prophesy concerning her background, and agrees to a meeting with those that believe that she is a child of destiny.

Finally, in London, the march to Dina's trail continues. New lawyers appear, and lay a devious route to Dina's freedom. She easily agrees, caring less about the reputation of the soon to be damned---the mysterious woman from France.

Struggles for Dominance (1/25/2001)

In Portland, Damon and Runs fight each other for information and dominance, accusing the other of rudeness and lack of respect. Ivy, in the middle, can only roll her eyes. Each tries to pry secrets about the others from their allies.

In Italy, Sara gets a few leads on the past, with more information on the names in her dream. She also finds a tantalizing reference to another woman associated with this twisting evil, this time in the distanct past of Lithuania. Preparing to travel to sites of more information, she is accosted by a woman who immediately collapses wounded at her feet.

Dina, in a stunning move, is freed of all charges. She condemns the name of the dead, but is given to the sharks.

Strange Discussions (2/1/2001)

Damon and Runs comes to terms of sorts. Runs discovers that the machine that twisted the Shadowlands exists across the Gauntlet as well. They plan to meet with the people seeking Ivy.

The wounded woman warns Sara that enemies are hunting "the old man's" allies and that they may be after her next. The messenger dies soon aftewards under mysterious circumstances. Following the trail of the past to Germany, she begins her search.

Dina manages to discover what her new friends want: the book of the deader. She seems recalcitrant to give it to them.

Strange Discussions (2/8/2001)

The Portland gang get a phone call from Cassandra. Damon acts like a fool while Cassandra leads them to the group that believes Ivy is something important. Runs watches with a new pair of clothes approved by Coleman.

Sara, looking for clues from the past, has a haunting experience.

Meanwhile, Dina "agrees" to find Sara and the book, though she seems to plan to use the users.

Drawing Conclusions (2/22/2001) [Extra]

Damon, Ivy, and Runs are told that Ivy is a decendent of a great warrior which faught a great evil. The warrior created a group to prepare for the day of the evil's return. The evil---which has touched all of them somehow---is re-awakening and hunting the group two which Cassandra's friends belong. A bit reluctantly, they group agrees to help the ill prepared "Guardians of the Valley". Afterwards, they begin a trek to investigate Ezra's old place.

In Germany, Sara and Dina have a discussion. It ends with Sara believing Dina is out to kill her, and fleeing the scene.

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