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The Right Pinky*

According to theoretical computer science, everything that is computable can be computed by one of the simplest machines in existence—the Turing machine. This gadget can spend all of eternity chugging out desired results, but it will do so guaranteed. But can the universe be computed? Some physicists think so. Combining the Turing thesis with discoveries in quantum theorectical computing, it is postulated that all possible universes could be simulated. Everything could be just a mark on the quantum tape, but we would never know it.

Legacy Code

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Without language, communication is limited to brutish grunts and physicality. These languages, from refined to martial, allow us to paint our code.
If you truly want to understand the internal of your computer, download the source to its interals—the operating system. These free (both in a finacial and intellectual property manner) operating systems expose all the gory details you never wanted to know about but are dying to examine.
The hype of 1999 will tell you that Linux is the hottest OS in the world, especially now that Microsoft has met some problems with governments around the world. However, Linux is just an re-implementation of decades old ideas. The BeOS recreates the operating system using Beginner's Mind; the power it delivers is amazing.

* Adapted from a chapter title in Neal Stephenson's In the beginning ... was the command line.

Simulating all universes on a Quantum Turing Machine.


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