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The Subliminal Report

::February 18, 2003::
Really belated spring cleaning. Just in time for procrasination on the disseration!
::August 22, 2000::
The author really should be working on their qualifying exam, but who really needs a graduate degree anyway? Most of the site has some content, even if it is anemic.
::July 18, 2000::
A few more updates. Nothing exciting yet.
::June 11, 2000::
Three Pillars: Second Chance information has been updated for game play.
::May 24, 2000::
Information on Diaspora and Three Pillars: Second Chance, two new roleplaying creations in planning, has been added.
::May 22, 2000::
The skeleton of the site has been excavated from the nether void. Meat and fleshy stuff to come.
::May 15, 2000::
Stonegod goes live. Well, as live as a piece of metal and plastic that the author has never (and probably will never) seen can be.

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